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DMX RGB Led Neon Digital Tube Light

DMX RGB led digital tube light is a lighting and beautifying light source mainly used for urban landscape lighting, it's composed of high quality super bright Led light-emmitting diodes. Led digital tube has such features of low power consumption, low heat, long life, impact resistance, high reliability, energy saving and environment protection and so on...

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DMX RGB Led Digital Neon Tube Light

Product parameters of digital neon tube:

Product ModelSpecifications
LCL-DT5050-D4816A1000x50x50mm, DMX, 48pcs leds, 16pixels, 12W, DC12V/24V
LCL-DT5050-D3216A1000x50x50mm, 32pcs leds, 16pixels, 12W, DC12V/24V
1000x50x50mm, 48pcs leds, 8pixels, 12W, DC24V
LCL-DT3035-D4816A1000x30x35mm, 48pcs leds, 16pixels. 12W, DC12V/24V
1000x30x35mm, 32pcs leds, 16pixels, 12W, DC12V
LCL-DT3035-D4808A1000x30x35mm, 48pcs leds, 8pixels, 12W, DC24V
LCL-DT5042-D4816A1000x50x42mm, 48pcs leds, 16pixels, 12W, DC12V/24V
LCL-DT5042-D3216A1000x50x42mm, 32pcs leds, 16pixels, 12W, DC12V/24V
LCL-DT5042-D4808A1000x50x42mm, 48pcs leds, 8pixels, 12W, DC24V

Principles of digital neon tube:

LED digital tube is made up of three primary colors as red, green and blue to realize variety of different color changes . With internal control chips, each tube can change various colors in stages and produce carious effects such us gradation, flicker, scanning, chasing, runing water characters and so on, the tube length can be decided by actual effect length, normal length is 1.0m.

The classification of digital neon tube:

(1). From the controlling method, it can be devided into internal controlling method and external controlling method;

(2). From the dimensions, it has 50mm, 42mm or 35mm in height, the length can made into 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m or 2.0m and can be customized for your choice;

(3). From the internal controlling, it has 2pcs leds with 1pixel, 3pcs leds with 1pixel, 6pcs leds with 1pixel, several different areas can be controlled seperately;

(4). From the LED quantity, we can make 48pcs leds/m, 32pcs leds/m or something else according to your requests;

(5). From the housing material, we can make plastic ones or aluminum profile ones, for the color of caps, we can make milky white or transparent ones;

The application of the digital neon tube:

The digital neon tube is widely used in overpasses, rivers, gardens, architectural outlines, lamppost billboards, ballroom bars, hotels and so on, it's a ideal choice to beautify and decorate the urban environment.

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