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Led Neon Digital Tube Screen Type Light

Led Neon Digital Tube Screen Type Light

DMX RGB led digital tube light is a lighting and beautifying light source mainly used for urban landscape lighting, it's composed of high quality super bright Led light-emmitting diodes. Led digital tube has such features of low power consumption, low heat, long life, impact resistance, high reliability, energy saving and environment protection and so on...

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Led Neon Digital Tube Screen Type Light

Product parameters of digital tube:


Principles of digital tube:

1. Color full color LED type 5050 SMD 48PCS LEDS, size D30*L1000m

2. Weight 140g ± 5% light source life MTBF> 50000 hours environmental parameters

3. Working temperature - 40 ° C ~ 60 ° C

4. Protection grade IP65 fully meets the protection standard electrical specifications of outdoor lamps

5. Working input voltage DC12V±5% maximum power 24W

6. Drive mode constant voltage! (Ensure that each LED works at a constant state) Light source performance

7. Luminous flux 240Lm

8. Beam angle >120° It uses 48 high-power LEDs as the light source, and adopts aluminum alloy shell, transparent epoxy potting treatment, protection grade IP65, stable performance, large illumination angle and slow attenuation. It can be fixed by screws during installation. Its material design ensures that transportation, use and temperature shock will not break, providing you with safety and security. Widely used in signs, light boxes, landscape layout and home decoration, stage decoration, etc.

The application of the digital tube:

led bar light

Product effects:


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