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DMX Led rgb scenografix triangle bar

- Sep 04, 2018 -

The DMX LED Scenografix bar adopts special milky PC/clear/frosted cover, great material for excellent heat dissipation performance and light effect. It spreads even and soft light without glare or spot, direct current driving lead to no flashing, protect eyes. The whole bar had 42 pixels which is 126ch DMX address. IP65 rated, it is suitable for weddings, show stages, nightclubs, bars and lounges, architectural lighting and many other events. 

1. Scenografix is the mix with scenography/scenographie and graphics/graphique.

2. All of Scenografix is DMX512, and normal is also ok.

3. User can easily set dmx address and change total dmx channel for each bar. 

4. It has color clean, high frequency and fresh. 

5. We support RGB color and single color. 

6. The more important, it could display arbitrary unique sculpt, and provide the designer with a biggest play space, and the coolest lighting effect! 

7. Scenografix with omnipotent connector will help the whole project saving time and cost to install and maintain.

To find out more about DMX LED Scenografix bar, watch the product video at Ledcolourlight.

Dimension of the ball.jpg

RGB Pixel Bar.png