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DMX LED RGB tube, RGB 3D ball

- Sep 20, 2018 -

Welcome to customized led light from Ledcolourlight.

It generates creativity and flexibility. We’d be glad to work with our clients and take the ideas that make the products better. We try to see it in different perspectives and we have put forward three possible ways to offer you the best customization service.

The LED Hanging Ball we can make different shapes to meet different application.

such as heart shapes, rain drop shapes, round shapes, etc.

Customers make alterations on some physical properties of lighting fixtures to fit specific design and project. The change made on lighting fixtures could be the length, quantity of channels, the spacing of LED, etc. The modification is only practical within a certain scope. Customer won’t take it if it cost too much to do the modification.

Lighting Solutions to Projects

Customers will expect suggestions to a certain project like the decoration in a new nightclub. They might want lighting items that have certain features; or they have the lighting design in mind and are in search of capable lighting products. Customers may get their message across through blueprint of their design, the layout, or the picture of some real case. To suggest the best possible lighting items, to help to search for the possible lighting items and to make the solution affordable or stay within budget are also what we can do for customers.