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How to choose line lamp outlet way?

- May 11, 2018 -

User when purchasing line light, in addition to some fixed line location line lamp, manufacturers have to consulting the customer need to choose what kind of qualification, so why way to qualify for line lamp so important? The answer is: the line of LED line lamp will directly affect the lighting effect of the product, the aesthetics of the product, installation difficulty and so on. Today I will show you three basic lines of line lights:

(a) lateral line, from line lamp choose one of two side face on a round hole, and the wire diameter is quite waterproof for wiring from the hole connected to the circuit board, it can achieve seamless docking, lighting effect is the advantage of no dark space, installation is very convenient.

(2) the bottom line: the bottom outlet from the ends of the line light aluminum position at the bottom of the drill on a line with a diameter of outlet hole, the same principle as a side line, the line of the bottom line lamp in addition to achieve seamless docking, still can make the wiring hidden to hide in the bottom, more beautiful!

(3) plug out line: it is convenient to install a line hole in the middle of the block between the two ends of the line lamp. The plug is not seamless connection, aesthetics is less than the bottom line.