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How to control stage lighting skills?

- May 11, 2018 -

In the manipulation of light, there cannot be any arbitrary, because the lighting control has its operating norms and skills alone, otherwise, will cause the damage of the light bulbs, lamps and lanterns, lamp controller, and even cause the occurrence of fire, causing serious damage.

The following is a common misoperation in practice, which is pointed out in this paper.

1. When the light bulb is cold, the light is suddenly lit up, and the result may cause the bulb to crack. Or cause the tungsten filament to fuse.

(1) as the bulb is in the process of production, the glass shell of the bulb inevitably has a thick and uneven thickness, resulting in the phenomenon of uneven heating. When a light bulb is suddenly turned on, the glass shell of the bulb heats up as if it were filled with boiling water in an empty glass.

(2) after using the light, the bulb will absorb the water molecules in the air during the process of thermal cooling, and the water molecules will stay in the glass shell of the bulb. When you push the light bulb suddenly, the water molecules on the glass shell are as good as water in a boiling oil pan, and it is logical that the bulb should burst.

(3) a sudden bright light will cause an instantaneous shock current (up), which will easily dissolve the tungsten filament.

Skills: when the light bulb in the cold state (former) before the opening, the console of the pusher push up only a little (often said that the pressure of light), make the lights dim, let it at preheating condition, make its heated evenly, and evaporate condensation of water molecules in the bulb of glass shell, preheat for a few minutes later, another brighter, preheating again after a few minutes, before pushing light fully bright.

2. Do not push the dimmer to the full state, then turn on the silicon box power supply. The result is the same as the above results, both of which can damage the bulb. All the pushers in the dimmer should be turned off to open the silicon box power.

3. When switching equipment, switch the power of the lamp console and the silicon box. When turning on the power supply, turn on the power of the lamp control station first, then turn on the power of the silicon box; When power is turned off, turn off the power of the silicon box first, then turn off the power of the lamp console. If you reverse the order, it will cause all the lights to flicker, which will affect the life of the bulb.

4. Do not shake the lamp when the light bulb is on. The tungsten filament will break or fall off.

After the light bulb, the temperature gradually raised, tungsten wire is correspondingly will become soft, at the same time under the influence of gravity, tungsten correspondingly prolapse (if not adopts screw shape tungsten filament bulbs, this phenomenon is particularly obvious), while big shake when lamps and lanterns, also will have to wait until the lights completely cooled, can remove.

5. Do not change the light bulb, directly touch the bulb with the hand, which will affect the light finish of the bulb, while another hidden danger is to cause the bulb to break.

(1) the grease on the finger or the surface of the glass surface of the bulb will leave a "scar", which will affect the lightness and transparency of the bulb, thus affecting the normal illumination of the bulb.

(2) if there is sweat on her finger, finger and bulb "intimate contact", the salt in the sweat can absorb water molecules in the air, once there is water on the light bulb, rose sharply when the light bulb, it is easy to crush.

Operation tip: when changing a light bulb, always put on your gloves and touch the bulb. Without gloves, available packing light bulb of the sponge, soft plastic or paper towel, and then to install, after installation must remember wrap these things down, so as to avoid fire when push the light bulb.

6. Avoid focusing too much on the speed of light that comes out of the light. Focusing too much on the color paper that will be placed on the lamp in a short period of time will fade, lose color, and more, the color paper will burn a hole. If the distance and flammable items of the lamps are too close, it is impossible to point them out.