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How to judge the voltage of line lamp?

- May 11, 2018 -

Methods to determine the voltage of a line lamp:

(1) look at the label on the lamps and lanterns, general and normal line lamp manufacturer will label before delivery of lamps and lanterns indicated the specific parameters of the product, we can through the tag to see the line lamp voltage is used by many volts.

(2) how to do without labels? On lamps and lanterns is no label mark voltage is how much, if the lamps and lanterns is transparent glue, can clearly see the inside of the lamp body components, through its lamp bead amount, in the judgement of components such as resistors, capacitors, and then from low to high voltage test the lamps and lanterns of lighting conditions, can choose some testing tools during the test. If you can't see the internal components of the lamp, you need to disassemble the lamp for testing.

Generally LED lines selected for lamp light bead, single voltage at around 1.8 3 v, general electric current can control in the 18th ma - 20 ma, for different number of mild color chip, each a different voltage LED lamps and lanterns, eventually needed by the designed to engineer or technician to check.