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Introduction to the lamps and lanterns of the dance hall

- May 11, 2018 -

Colorful lights create a charming, enchanting atmosphere, and people are often infected by the atmosphere of the dance hall. Let me share with you the introduction of various lamps and lanterns used in the dance hall.

It is suitable for lighting in large performance venues and gymnasiums. It is made of aluminum alloy shell with light weight, fast heat dissipation and gorgeous appearance. Through the special transmission structure, the spotlight performance is extremely strong. Light spots are long and range. It is suitable for white light, top light and side light. Based on range points: near - range spotlight, medium - range spotlight, ultra - far range spotlight.

The eight grid lamps: the eight bars of the light bar type astigmatism lamps and lanterns are used in the performance place as the middle view, the light of the class, the cloth color, also can be used as the footlights or the general indoor lighting stage lighting.

(3), follow spot: follow spot to adopt new light source, the exchange of spherical dysprosium lamp as light source, through the optical system of a high intensity of illumination, high color temperature of light beam, adjusted to form a clear outline of a circular flare, outstanding character art effect. Power: 2500W, 2000W, 1000W.

The spotlight: the spotlight is the most widely used home lamp on stage lighting. For the performance of the side light, face light, top light, and other places where lighting is needed, such as auditorium, venue, theatre, etc. Power 1000W, 2000W. Film spotlight lamps are used in the art of film production and television show. It USES a certain optical system to make the casting light soft and even. Lighting for main characters, sets and props. Power 1000W, 2000W, 3000W.

A PAR lamp: a PAR lamp is usually used as a stage projection lamp, with a color paper or a color changer, which can be used to replace colors, enhance the lighting effect, and sometimes also for stage lighting. Power: 1000W, 300W, 250W.

The stage astigmatic light is used for the lighting of the stage and the lighting of the floor, or as a general indoor lighting in the venue or theater. Power 1000W, 1250W.

A common lamp used for the stage as an art type, characterized by hard light, high illumination and range. In the lighting of the characters in the set, the contour lines of the scene can be highlighted. Power 1000W, 2000W. Film backlight is a common light for film production and television broadcasting. The light is hard and has a long range. Used as the side light and backlight illumination of the scenery to highlight the contour of the scene. Power 2000W, 5000W!

Three base color astigmatism lamps (cold light source) : three - base color astigmatism lamps for the main light, auxiliary light, backlight!