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Knowledge and application of party lighting

- May 11, 2018 -

Common light position for stage lighting:

In order to be a professional stage lighting device, you need to understand the common light level of stage lamps. This is an important link of accurate selection device.

1. Face light: the light from the front of the audience is directed towards the stage, and the primary role is to highlight the front lighting of the characters and the whole base of the light.

2. Slap: it is located on the outside of the table, and it is divided into upper and lower layers. It is the primary auxiliary surface light, which enhances the lighting of the face and increases the three-dimensional sense of the characters and scenery.

3. Column light (also known as side light) : the light that is projected on both sides of the platform is first used for lighting on both sides of the character or scene, adding a sense of dimension and contour.

4, top light: the light of the above from stage to stage, by the former to the later two rows into a row of top light, top light, top three rows of light to choose a suitable text book and so on, and throughout the first used in stage lighting, illumination enhancement stage, and there are a lot of a scene, props of a point light, top light on top to deal with.

Stage 5, backlight: since the inverse direction projection light irradiation (such as roof, bridge light reverse), can outline the generalization of character, the king said, enhanced stereo feeling and clear, as a particular light source.

6. Bridge light: the light that goes to the stage on both sides of the stage of the stage is mainly used for auxiliary column light and enhanced three-dimensional sense, which can also be used for the orientation of other light positions and can be used as a specific light source.

7. Foot light: the light that is projected onto the stage from the platform on the front of the platform, the primary auxiliary surface lighting and the removal of the shadow of the face and jaw of the people with high exposure to the surface light.

8. Sky and earth: light from above and below the canopy, mainly used for the illumination and color change of the canopy.

9. Flow light: on the movable light frame on both sides of the stage, mainly auxiliary bridge light to make up for the light or other specific light on both sides of the stage.

10, the spotlight: since the audience or other directions of light, the first to track outstanding artists play or a particular light, and for the host, is the pen of stage art feature, have the effect of gild the lily.

Common lamps and features:

1. Spotlight: it is one of the most widely used primary lamps in stage lighting. At present, the market is 1KW and 2KW, which is the most widely used in 2KW. Shine its light, have gathered light edge is clear, can highlight a part of, also can expand spot lighting area, as the primary light source, the stage is often used to surface light, a slap in the face, side light and other light.

2. Soft light: the light is soft and well-proported, which can highlight a certain part, and there is no rigid light spot, which can be easily connected with several lamps. The common ones are 0.3kw, 1KW, 2KW, etc. It is mainly used for the close optical position of column light and flowing light.

3, back light: it is a kind of reflection type lamps and lanterns, its characteristic is light quality, high intensity of illumination and range far, is an economic and efficient floodlights, common main have 0.5 KW, 1 KW, 2 KW, etc., most often used with 2 KW.

4, diffused light: the light is diffuse, say, the projection area is large, divided into days of astigmatism and astigmatism, common are 0.5 KW, 1 KW, 1.25 KW, 2 KW, etc., more than for a canopy light, also can be used in the theatre stage lighting.

5. Modeling lamp: the principle is between the lamp and the spotlights. It is a special lamp, which is mainly used for the casting of characters and scenery.

6. Foot light (also known as light) : the light is soft and has a wide area. First as the central view, netscape cloth, cloth color, also can be in the position of the station to assist the light illumination.