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LED lamp prices

- Sep 04, 2018 -

Source: Ledcolourlight

With the development of LED Lighting industry, LED lamp prices are getting higher and higher.

There are few reasons to explain it:

Different Chip Brands, different LED lamps material, the product quality is differet, small workshops can do that, large factories also can do. Different materials, different process, even if the appearance can not see the difference, the internal is different, and the cost will be different.

Firstly, shape.

Secondly, brightness.

Thirdly, warranty.

Generally, the requirements for shells are as follows:

1. high light transmission, high diffusion, no glare, no light and shade;

2. as much as possible not to see the LED lamp

3. light transmittance above 95%;


Fifth, after-sales service

Selection of LED lights, you should not choose the too low price products, if the price is lower than the cost of good quality products, it can be 100 percent indicating that the raw materials is low-grade.

Secondly, different purchase ways, prices are certainly different.