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The difference and use of led waterproof lamp string and led pixel light source

- May 11, 2018 -

We often encounter in the outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of two kinds of different USES of lamps and lanterns also has the same name, such as LED waterproof light string, it can be understood as marking the LED string can also be understood as the LED pixel light source, can also be LED decorative light string, between the three, exactly what kind of things in common and have what different place? What are their USES?

LED pixel point light source belongs to the lighting of the outdoor lighting.

(1)LED waterproof lamp string: it is also called LED module, which is often used for outdoor luminescent words and outdoor marking. Since the point and point are connected together, some people call it the LED waterproof lamp string.

(2) the LED waterproof lamps: waterproof lamps and waterproof lamp series and has a subtle change, is also a light patterns and properties of string theory, which is similar, but different purposes, LED lamps can be used to interior decoration and outdoor municipal lighting. Small to family decoration big to municipal road, lighting festival modeling lighting. Because of the changing shape it left a very deep impression on everyone.

(3)LED pixel light source: also known as LED point light, LED waterproof lamp string, LED light source and so on. It is often used for the lighting of buildings, stores, and the outline of ancient buildings. It is believed that users who know the lighting of the building know that the non-outdoor screen with the most USES of LED pixels is the most used.

So, three LED lights that are made in tandem, do you know what they are and what they are used for? Outdoor lighting project lamps are not the best, only the most suitable is the king.