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The problem solution of common lamps and lanterns

- May 11, 2018 -

The length of life of lamps and lanterns depends on the correct use of lamps and lanterns, as well as the operating environment and our daily maintenance, so this is also quite important. Matters needing attention in daily maintenance:

1. Clean the bulb. Bulbs usually have the normal working life, as the ageing of the light bulb, brightness will become low, trigger a lit time increases, and be sure to do a good job in rain when outdoor use amount of rain wear special configuration.

2. Protection in transportation. The computer lamps in the flowing performance often need to be moved frequently, and it is necessary to do well.

3. Hoisting protection. The overhead computer lamp must pay attention to the safety of the person and equipment, before installation, must give the installation personnel clear scientific hoisting method.

4, optical element, the first vacuum or pressure blowing down the surface dirt gently away, with no smell cotton paper or soaked with water cotton cloth to wipe the granular material, by using ethylene propylene glycol cotton cloth or no smell of paper take out smoke and residue, the use of distilled water in the clean, and dry with a soft cotton cloth.

5. Components with coated color chip, pattern and optical lens, because the coating surface is very fragile and easy to scratch, so do not use destructive solvent for cleaning;

6. Regularly replace the air filter cotton, so that it is in the best ventilation state, and the heat dissipation of the lamp is enhanced;

7. After the performance, use the console to extinguish the bubble, the lamp does not cut off the power supply, let it continue to work for a period of time (let the fan in the lamp continue to work, to reduce the temperature in the lamp body).