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Why does the cover of the LED guardrail crack?

- May 11, 2018 -

LED guardrail tube chooses PC lampshade is polymer: "polycarbonate", good toughness, high flame retardancy of the material, in general, LED guardrail tube in daily use process such as the external force damage PC cover cracking possibility is very small, so the facts prove that "it" is the crack is how to return a responsibility? Don't worry.

(1) bad habits in the industry: why is it the bad habit in the industry? Actually all the products quality problem, cannot leave the selection of raw materials, some in the industry in order to profit from the manufacturer of wider will use secondary material production by the PC cover, the repeated use of the PC molecular structure at high temperature in the process of change, the PC cover becomes rather brittle, and the original toughness good virtues and disappear.

(2) : high and low temperature environment change LED guardrail tube installation environment of acid rain many, strong ultraviolet radiation, temperature difference, can appear the phenomenon of heat from the cold, PC cover is likely craze after fracture.

(3) the effect of external stress: at this point, we can understand for: "human factors", external stress by artificial factors is more, in the process of production, transportation, installation, external stress under the condition of big while the toughness of PC cover, also damage to its molecular structure, resulting in the breakdown phenomenon.