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LED Pixel RGB Digital Bar Light

LED Pixel RGB Digital Bar Light

The role of led hard light is mainly lighting and decoration, and it is used in the lobby, guest rooms, bar counters, restaurants, etc. in the hotel. In addition, lighting in car decoration, stage decoration, building decoration, advertising decoration, cinema and public facilities It is also used in the project. It can be seen that the led hard light has played an important role in our lives.

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LED pixel RGB Digital Bar Light

Digital Bar Parameter:

Model No.
LCL-DBBT2722-led digital bar
500*27*22mm, 24pcs leds, 8 pixels, 6W
500*27*22mm, 16pcs leds, 8 pixels, 6W
1000*27*22mm, 48pcs leds, 16 pixels, 12W
1000*27*22mm, 32pcs leds, 16 pixels, 12W
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Operating Temperature-20~50 degree
Waterproof ratingIP65

Digital Bar Features:

  1. LED hard light bar standard size is 0.5 meters or 1.0 meters

  2. Luminous color: warm white, white, red, green, yellow, blue, RGB

  3. 0.5M LED hard light bar can be connected 7 pieces, 1.0 meters 3 pieces can be connected in the same

  4.  Installation method: can be fixed or adjustable

  5.  It has the characteristics of low power consumption, low heat generation, no glare and impact resistance. Low voltage DC 12V, 24V power supply, high security and reliability.

  6. The viewing angle is 120 degrees and can be used in different places.

Led bar light common problems and solutions

  1.  If the light is off, please check if the circuit is connected, if the contact is bad, and if the light bar is connected to the positive and negative poles.

  2.  The brightness of the light bar is obviously low. Please check whether the rated power of the power supply is lower than the power of the light bar, or the connecting wire is too thin, resulting in excessive power consumption of the connecting wire.

  3. The front of the light bar is obviously brighter than the back. Please check if the serial length is more than 3 meters.

Digital Bar Lighting effect:

dmx digital bar

Digital Bar Applications:

This product is widely used in high-end hotel rooms, lobby, restaurants, KTV, bar, counters and other places and all kinds of dark trough decoration lighting! Can also be used in the light box industry, car decoration, building decoration, stage decoration, building exterior wall decoration, advertising decoration, luminous characters, fish tank decoration, entertainment venues, cinemas, public facilities lighting projects, family personality decoration projects, etc.


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