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Dmx Magic Color Decorative Flexible Strip

DMX magic color decorative flexible strip is also called LED RGB full-color strip light or pixel strips, this product is formed by hard PCB strips as well as the peripheral circuits, can achieve chasing, flowing, color changing and lots of excellent effects, they are widely used for decoration in such places as KTVs,hotels, housing, building outline and so on.

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dmx magic color decorative flexible strip

Several different models of the flexible strip light:

(1). LCL-DLSTP-3216D: Dmx512, RGB, 32leds/m, 16 pixels/m, DC 12V, 12W/M, IP65;

(2). LCL-DLSTP-3232D: Dmx512, RGB, 32leds/m, 32 pixels/m, DC 5V, 10W/M, IP65;

(3). LCL-DLSTP-3010D: Dmx512, RGB, 30leds/m, 10 pixels/m, DC 12V, 8W/M, IP65;

(4). LCL-DLSTP-4816D: Dmx512, RGB, 48 leds/m, 16 pixels/m,DC12V, 12W/M, IP65;

(5). LCL-DLSTP-4808D: Dmx512, RGB, 48leds/m, 8 pixels/m, DC 24V, 12W, IP65;

(6). LCL-DLSTP-6010D: Dmx512, RGB, 60leds/m, 10 pixels/m, DC 24V, 14.4W, IP65


(1) Each strip light is built in 32/48/60pcs high brightness leds, the distance between each pixel is very closed, so you can work out very intensive lighting effects;

(2) The strip light is extremely flexible and it can be easily attached to the wall or disassembled as you like;

(3) We have three different waterproof rate :Bare PCB for indoor use; PCB+housing for indoor or outdoor use; PCB+housing+gluing teachnology, the waterproof rate can reach IP68;

(4) Usually make 5m/roll, other length can be customized by your requests;

(5) You can make 2leds/pixels, 3leds/pixel, 6leds/pixels or 1led/pixel according to the actual situation, the dmx signal is very stable, transmission distance is long, support remote control;

Three different forms of the flexible strip light:

(1). Bare PCB(white/black): 

     The leds are exposed to the air, it's not waterproof, there is 3M adhesive tape on the back for you to attch it to the wall, usually used indoor;image

(2). Bare PCB+housing:

      The PCB is covered by a silicone casing, has great light transmission performance and good flexibility, it has certain waterproof performance;


(3). Bare PCB+Housing+Gluing Technology:

      The PCB is covered by a silicone casing, adopted gluing teachnology to make the waterproof performance can reach IP68, also the gluing can protect the leds from being damaged well while being bent, two waterproof connectors at two ends for connection, it's usually used for outdoor decoration.




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