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How To Improve The Quality Of Landscape Engineering By Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

- May 11, 2018 -

As an important part of landscape, outdoor landscape lighting not only shows the means of landscape concept, but also is the main part of people's outdoor activity space structure at night. The scientific, standard and humanized outdoor landscape lighting meteor shower lamp is of great practical significance for improving the quality of landscape grade and external image and improving the quality of life of the owner.

Aesthetic aspects

The designer is not easy to design the garden landscape, the night meets the light of the slag, the life is destroyed half. Landscape structure, small products, plants, hard pavement suitable lighting. It is mainly arranged in hard pavement LED lighting facade, lawn area lighting tree and so on; It should not be arranged in shrub area LED lighting tree and facade, so that the light forms too many shadows and dark areas; When placed in the lawn area, the glass surface is 2 to 3 cm higher than the lawn, so that the water will not be immersed in the glass lamp.

The selection

Livable light environment, should use the natural color temperature range 2000-6500k, according to the color of the plant to adjust the light color temperature, such as the evergreen plant appropriate to use 4200K color temperature, the red leaf type plant should use 3000K color temperature.

In does not affect plant growth and damage to plant planting soil ball and root system is not under the premise of the lawn area of trees with adjustable Angle, lamp lighting buried lights were selected according to the lighting plants, type, a thin branch tree is decorated in the root a narrow buried lights light direct way; The tall and tall trees can be arranged with 1-2 sets of polarized light lamps. Spherical shrubs are decorated with wide light or astigmatic lamps; The coronal asymmetrical tree is illuminated by a set of adjustable Angle buried lamps. A meteor shower lamp can be used for tree branches.


Because most of the Settings in the outdoor landscape lighting, part of the category of lamps and lanterns (such as lights, buried lights, mud meteor shower lights, etc.) will have the opportunity to activities by close contact with people, therefore, when the application security has become especially important: not only insects have phototaxis, bear children, too. Therefore, in the face of many night landscape lighting, the parents will be particularly worried about the light damage and leakage damage.

Along with the advancement of urbanization, urban construction, more and more attention to the night scene is dressed up, under the set off of all kinds of landscape lamp, can make the city become more rich and colorful, highlight the charm of a city. But with the increasing of the building, booth, Bridges and other landscape lighting, landscape lighting under common operation can make the light rate is greatly reduced, the equipment utilization rate and reduces, if you want to achieve continuous light, make its safe operation is a problem worth considering.