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Led Meteor Lamp Can Realize The Effect Of Meteor Chase

- May 11, 2018 -

Led meteor lamp adopts the high quality hard PCB circuit board, the high brightness ultra high quality chip, blue, white double-sided luminescence through IC chip programming, can realize the meteor pursuit effect. The integrated circuit program lets the light shine like a meteor, the light is smooth and smooth.

Led meteor lamp USES high quality hard PCB circuit board, high brightness ultra high quality led, the integrated circuit program lets the light like meteor, light, natural smooth. With acrylic shell for protection, environmental protection waterproof, waterproof grade for IP65. Led meteor light, also known as "the led meteor tubes" is a kind of landscape outdoor chandeliers, suitable for hanging on the branches, the eaves and any objects to hang on, replacing the traditional rice bulb article ice ice lamp and led lamp, meteor shower lights easy to installation, waterproof, luminance, flashing effect just like the meteor in the night sky the walls in the air. Can be connected according to the environment, can set blinking effect according to your requirement; The color is white. This is a new type of engineering lighting products, like the meteor changes, bright natural smooth, external acrylic shell for protection, environmental protection waterproof.

Led meteor light is widely used in bars, ted hall, hotel lobby, garden square, pedestrian street, courtyards, dance halls, parks, roads, staircases, gardens, used in construction, store, hair salon, such as decoration, not installed.

The statistic from the recent global led meteor light prices, the group decline in market prices still inherit, led meteor lamp filament lamp lighting in Europe and America brand owners push the focal point of promotional products, led meteor light clashed almost every two months will launch a new product, and brand promotion price is almost close to second-line lighting factory.

In 2017, the hot demand of led meteor lamp has been spreading from European and American markets to Asia, and even in South America and the Middle East, the market has grown greatly, becoming the highlight of the market.

The personage inside course of study points out, the third quarter to enter the off-season traditional lighting, but the second half of the led meteor lights are still the main market driven, the flux of the current mainstream products about below 450 lm, widely used in the church, commercial space, restaurant, hotel USES the led meteor lights a candle lights and other decorative lighting.

China's domestic filament lamp market is out of touch with low quality, low price competition. Eb point direct convenient stores and small supermarket filament lamp, the plane went to the center, channel, high commission, the filament lamp to ratio of upper hand a lot into the hundreds of millions of users, the filament lamp agility in business as widely used and landscape lighting.