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Ledcolourlight RGB Pixel Bar

- Nov 07, 2018 -

DMX RGB Pixel Bar Light adopt high brightness SMD5050 as light sources. IP65 waterproof, can be used indoor or outdoor. Pixel pitch can be customized, to meet different design requirement. Constant current driver contributes to the protecting of LEDs’ lifespan. DMX512 Protocol, sharing long-distance of transmission and high ability of anti-interference. Light and audio controlled synchronously, With Masdrix software and Artnet controller can be achieve music to light. 

Ledcolourlight have 8Universe and 16Universe dmx artnet controller, 

the Led Artnet controller with LCD screen, built in switch function

Set IP address & universe by plugin, LED Light Artnet Controller has RJ45 in and RJ45 out port, no need extra switch, if one project needs more than 3pcs Artnet controller.

DMX LED  bar14