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Lighting Theatre Stage Lighting Configuration

- May 11, 2018 -

Inside the theater stage, there are a variety of stage, have a common frame type stage, has thrust stage, have island type stage, there are also known as the black box of the stage, because the stage forms are different, so the configuration requirements of lamps and lanterns is not do the same. For convenience, I here only talk about the ordinary frame type stage, the stage no matter in the past or is now rebuilding and new theatre are more, so talk about this kind of stage light configuration more show is much needed and necessary. The stage (referring to the picture frame stage, the latter is the same) is different from the requirements of the lamps due to different plays. Therefore, we must make clear on this stage what kind of plays is the main function before we use the lamps and lanterns, so that the configuration of lamps and lanterns will have a clear goal and intention. If some stage is positioned to perform traditional opera, ballet is the main, then the configuration of lamps and lanterns must be arranged according to opera, ballet's requirement.

Such as large-scale song and dance, miscellaneous Nv is the special programs such as lighting in addition to the basic requirements for configuration, should according to the specific program requirements, to add special lamp and the configuration of lamps and lanterns, so here it is difficult to clear narrative. So I am here only talk about theatre stage, the basic configuration of lamps and lanterns of in accordance with this configuration, can satisfy the general, such as opera, ballet, ballet, drama, Peking Opera and other local operas. Before configuration lamps and lanterns, should understand the kind of lamps and lanterns and its main function and use. I am here to briefly introduce the performance of some lamps and lanterns in order to be equipped with the timing potential selection.

1, spotlights, spotlights on the stage with refers to the lamp used in front of the flat convex condenser is concerned, this kind of lamps and lanterns can adjust the light spot size, the beam more concentrated, next to the diffuse light is small, power 0.5 W to 5 kw of kinds, has short, medium and long focal length, depending on the range of distance, according to the need to choose.

2. The rib lamp, or soft light, is called the spotlight in television. In stage in order to distinguish the flat convex spotlights loose and soft, so use the diffuse area is large, sometimes for the control of its diffuse light through the block in front of the mirror with the cover page, its characteristic is light district area is large, don't like the feeling together joy lamp have obvious spot, target range, power is 1 kw, 2 kw, etc.

3, - such as the back light light in front of the lens, the light completely from behind a larger reflector injection, with the same 2 kw of light bulbs, its brightness is concentrated to bright, so to be strong on the stage light and brightness. Its effect is better than other lamps and lanterns, is characterized by strong light beam, but the dimming should pay attention to its focal point, is unfavorable to focus on the color paper or curtain, such easy to cause burns, and often appear in the center of the dimmer when "dirty", in order to avoid the "dirty", adding a ring baffle in the center of the lamp front-end, the injection of light and not easy to fold. Now a new reflective bowl on coating line the perimeter backward transmission, to reduce the light in front of the temperature, the use effect is very good, the name of cold light super spotlight, the actual structure and back into the light of the lamp is the same.

4. Imaging lamp -- or light bulb, ellipsoid lamp. Can choose according to need the beam Angle has a variety of applications, the main feature is that, like the slide can spot cutting square, diamond, triangle and so on various kinds of shapes, or casting required all sorts of design patterns, power is 1 kw, 2 kw and other optional configuration.

5, Jane lamp - also called PAR lamp, or light beam, its structure is within the cylinder under the mirror light bulbs also useful reflective bowl of bromine tungsten bubble, main feature is that penetrate the fixed beam, beam Angle width of the light spot size can adjust.

6. Sky drain lamp -- high-power astigmatic light, used to illuminate the ceiling from the top down, requiring light and balance, large area of irradiation.

7. The floor lamp -- the high-power diffusive light is used to place on the stage face, and the lower part of the canopy is irradiated, which is connected with the light from the ceiling, and the upper and lower parts are even.

Article 8, astigmatism, elongated, divided into multiple, generally can be divided into three or four kinds of color, in each case with incandescent light bulb 200 w, require all sorts of color from the following, for large area light curtain or curtain use, also can be used for large area equilibrium spread the use of light, all sorts of color of light can also be used at the same time, bring up different colored light.