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Selection Of Bar Lamp Bars

- May 10, 2018 -

Whether it is bar design or other entertainment place design, interior lighting design should first consider its basic lighting design. The next thing to consider is the atmosphere of the dance floor design. The most basic function of the light is lighting, so although lighting design is used to describe and render, but the function of the lighting or the main, on the basis of meet the lighting, can use the light and shade, color or the distribution of the fiber, light to create a variety of combinations, enhancing the effect of lighting and decoration of the dance floor.

1. color wheel lights: this kind of lamps and lanterns is simple in front of the high power spotlight with reversible motor driven wheel, wheel on a variety of colors of light color paper, respectively, using the light color change in the field of lamps and lanterns, can very good apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere of the dance floor.

2. Beam light: as a relatively new type of illumination luminaire, the light beam has the characteristics of small volume, strong beam and good concentration. When used, the color can be temporarily adjusted according to the need, and the control of the dimming station is constantly changing, and the intensity of light color contrast can be achieved.

3. single flying saucer turn lights: this kind of lamps and lanterns is relatively complex, need to adopt different azimuth motor control, as well as glass painting glue process, that the quality and effect of lamps and lanterns is also very good.

4. The voice control strip is full of stars: this kind of lamps and lanterns have the reasonable characteristics of the design novel mechanism, and the sound control is also more sensitive. The light can change with the rhythm of music and the flicker and rotation will change. Color glass is used instead of the traditional color paper, so the colors of the lamps are more vivid, more transparent, resistant to high temperature, aging and relatively low cost.

5. Cosmic rotating light: this kind of lamp has a variety of shapes, such as round, multi-prismatic, and olive shape. It can spread colorful photoelectricity to the whole box, and the color is extremely colorful.

6. scanning lights: this kind of lamps and lanterns is divided into single head, the first several more, it USES strong color beams take turns to scan the whole bar, bar lights of the optional type can create a kind of excited and the feeling of ecstasy.