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The Development Status Of LED Panel Lamp

- May 11, 2018 -

Because people's living standard is rising ceaselessly, the requirement that nature is to indoor lighting lamps and lanterns also is increasing. Nowadays when people are choosing lamps and lanterns, not only pay attention to quality and energy saving, lamps and lanterns beautiful and fashionable feeling also become a very main factor. And the light source of dongguan LED panel lamp USES a kind of unique laminated LED, and has better guide plate and cooling plate, making the light more uniform and comfortable. Moreover, the unique color of the panel lamp makes it more artistic and fashionable. To outsiders, panel lights are becoming more widely used and growing. Although this is true, only people in the industry can really understand the development status of LED panel lights in dongguan. Today, I will analyze the development status of panel lamps.

1, the low efficiency: side into the panel lights still exists the problem of low efficiency, if you want to reach a certain brightness lamps and lanterns will need to increase the number of chips, improve the corresponding power, but not obvious energy saving effect. When the power of the panel lamp increases, the working temperature of the LED module will also increase, thus affecting the light failure and life span. Therefore, the problem of low efficiency needs to be studied.

2. High price: to improve the energy efficiency of lamps and lanterns, we need to increase the cost, and there are some problems in the heat dissipation. Originally, the price of the panel lamp was higher and the production cost increased, so the price of the product was more difficult for consumers to accept.

3, maintenance difficult: if ordinary LED lamps and lanterns is broken, we basically can be replaced, and panel lights if insufficient light or not, may have to replace the lamps and lanterns, and requires very professional people to operate, not only trouble, and the cost of maintenance is low.

4, consumer awareness is not enough: although many people have heard of LED panel lights, they don't really know it. Therefore, it is very important to enhance the publicity of panel lamp.