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Concert Decoration Rays From 360 Degree Tube Light

Concert Decoration Rays From 360 Degree Tube Light

The shadowless lamp effect borrows the nouns in physics to make up for the deficiencies. The shadowless lamp aligns the high-intensity light source circularly on a large lamp panel, allowing the light to illuminate from different angles. The shadow formed by each point source is not visible. The metaphor starts from all angles and covers a question in a comprehensive way. Just like the language in the language, it looks like a mountain, and the distance is different. The perspective of the problem can be learned from all aspects to get more Perfect answer

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Concert Decoration Rays From 360 Degree Tube Light




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control module address, and transmits through the RS485 bus. On the downlink bus, each underlying control module obtains its own data by address matching.

The underlying control module is a hardware device that directly controls the lighting of the stage. Since the number of stage lights is generally large, the number of control modules is generally between 10 and 20. All control modules are anchored on the same bus and programmed independently of each other. When the master sends data to the bus, all control modules receive the data information and parse out their own instructions and execute them according to the address information contained in the frame structure.

The main function of the stage lighting control system control module is two aspects: one is communication with the main control unit, and receives instructions from the upper layer. The second is to control the hardware circuit according to the instruction to control the lighting action. The following two modules are introduced separately.

System PC testing was performed on the PC+WINDOWS2000 platform. The system running software is executed in the pSOS real-time operating system environment. The compiled executable file is downloaded from the serial port to the RAM on the hardware platform by emulating the RoM, and then the system reads out and executes the program from a fixed address in the RAM. Since the hardware platform does not provide a network port, the online debugging function that comes with pSOS cannot be implemented. The debugging information can only be obtained by executing the output information during the program.

Therefore, the serial port on the hardware is connected to the serial port of the personal computer, and the debugging information during the running of the program can be displayed on the screen of the personal computer, so that the programmer can obtain the debugging information required.

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