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RGBW 360 Degree No Shadow Tube

RGBW 360 Degree No Shadow Tube

LED universal shadowless lamp is composed of multiple shadowless tube splicing. It can have various shapes and is fixed on the balance arm suspension system. It has stable positioning and mixed light series. It can have various effects on the stage, and can also be used as an ornament. The need for different heights and angles of the stage effect.

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RGBW 360 degree no shadow Tube

Product Features :

1) The shell is made of flame-retardant PC plastic, high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-UV, dustproof, moisture-proof, protection grade IP67. LED guardrail tube has the advantages of low power consumption, low heat, impact resistance, long life, etc. With the controller, it can realize the effects of water flow, gradual change, jump, chase and so on. If applied to large-area projects, connected to the computer synchronization controller, can also display patterns, water, gradients, chase, colorful, dreamy effects, colorful, and can also form an outdoor display, display video, animation, text light effects .

It can also be called LED digital tube, controller and power supply to connect with standard male and female plugs. It is convenient and fast, and has a unique shape design. The new outdoor waterproof structure.

2) The LED guardrail tube is made up of red, green and blue three primary colors to achieve a variety of different color changes. A light tube passes through the internal control chip, which can change various colors in stages, and produces various effects such as gradual change, flicker, scanning, chasing, running water, and characters. The length of the lamp should be determined according to the actual effect. The length is one meter. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, waterproof and dustproof.

Parameters of geometric tubes:


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Connection guide of geometric tube:


Artnet controller with Madrix software:


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